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Business Services

Clermont County works closely with local communities and the Jobs Ohio network to assist existing and new companies with a wide array of business assistance programs. Business assistance programs are generally classified into three categories: tax incentive/credit programs, financial assistance, and workforce programs. You can also find more information on small business resources as well.

Tax Reform in Ohio (1.09 MB PDF) – In 2005 the State of Ohio passed the most sweeping tax reform in 75 years, in a comprehensive effort to make Ohio competitive from an operating cost standpoint. Ohio won’t tax your profits, no taxes on new machinery & equipment, zero tax burden on inventory, and don’t pay taxes on out of state sales. All of these former taxes were replaced with the Commercial Activities Tax (also known as the CAT Tax).

Tax Incentive and Tax Credits – Tax incentive programs aim to encourage investment and job creation/retention through the reduction of future tax liabilities, or the awarding of refundable tax credits. Clermont County’s Department of Community and Economic Development (CED) will help businesses identify the program most appropriate for their needs.

Financial Assistance – Financial assistance programs aim to encourage investment and job creation/retention through the increased availability of, or the reduction in the cost of capital. Through the Clermont County CIC, Inc. companies can access tax-exempt small issue bond financing and other partnership opportunities in new development. This section also contains information on state and federal loan and loan guarantee programs. Additionally, in 2012, The Clermont County Port Authority was formed as another tool to assist companies with financing their projects.

Workforce Programs – Clermont County’s rapidly growing population offers a diverse skill set to all types of employers. Find out more about our Business and Workforce Resource Center for hiring and employee pre-screening services. The Ohio Workforce Guarantee Program Grant reimburses employers up to 100% of eligible staff training costs.

Small Business Resources – From advice on creating a business plan, to links to local venture capital organizations, this is the first stop for small growing businesses.